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Name of Author Title of Book
Abdul Malik (M. J.) LeBlanc The Bible led me to Islam - Endorsed by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
Abdurrahman al-Sheha Muhammad: The Messenger of Allah
Ahmad Hammad Mary: The Chosen Woman, The Mother of Jesus in the Quran
Ahmed Deedat The Muslim at Prayer - A Comparion to Prayer in the Bible
Ali Muhsin Let The Bible Speak
Alqassim Community Bureau The Signs of The Hour and What After Death
Darussalam Research Division A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam
Educational Dept. in Madar The Prophet and Women
Educational Dept. in Madar Mohammad (PBUH) in Torah and Gospel
Ghalib Ahmad Masri A Glimpse of Islamic Faith
Hasan Baagil Muslim Christian Dialogue
Humoud Al-Lahim The Meaning of The Testimony of Faith
Ibrahim Abunayyan Invitation to a Good Tidings
Mahmoud Murad A Message to A Christian
Mahmoud Murad Islam in Brief
Mahmoud Murad The Manual of Hajj and Umrah
Maurice Bucaille The Bible, The Quran, and The Science
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy Life and Death
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy Mankind and Satan
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy The Answered Supplication
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy The Day of Resurrection
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy The Messenger of Allah: Muhammed, my Allah bless him and grant him peace
Mohammad Ash-Sha'rawy The Unseen
Mohammad Hawarey Comparative Religion - Religion is Instinctive, Mental, Happiness, but Which One?
Mohammad Hawarey Effects of the Islamic Beliefs and Their Laws on Member and Society
Mohammad Hawarey Islam Draft Application in Life
Mosa'b Hawarey International Business Transactions with The Caliphate State -- PREMIUM
Muhammad As-Suhaym Islam, Its Foundations And Concepts
Syed Abul A'Alah Mawdudi The Islamic Way of Life
Syed Iqbal Zaheer Islam, The Religion You Can No More Ignore
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